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Born into a musical family, Jay learned at an early age that music and entertaining was going to be a large part of his life. The age of 14 was when he began to realize how serious his passion for music had become and he's had a guitar in hais hands since.  Cutting his teeth in the likes of Haggard, Jones, Hank, Willie and Skinard then on to Zepplin, Metallica and AC/DC, just to name a few, he realized that his love for music needed to take him from his bedroom to the stage.   At age 16 he was brought on stage by seasoned musicians to play one song, with knees knocking and beads of sweat on his forehead he realized this was what he was meant to do... and the rest is history.

Born and raised in Florida Jay has played just about every club/bar in the state, as well as doing volunteer shows for families and children in need.  Jay and bandmates had the opurtunity to open for acts of the likes of John Michael Montgomery, Phil Vasser and Josh Gracin just to name a few.  His witty banter and thundering stage presence have made him one of the most active entertainers in the state for almost 20 years.  Jay knows that performing is a privilege and his love for God, Country, Music, Family and Friends is in his soul.  "If you can make someone laugh, you have a friend for life" He says...  

Jay B

Lead Vocals & Guitar