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Born in Traverse City Michigan, and lived in over 11 states after, reaching as far North as Alaska to as far South as Puerto Rico. Starting out playing drums at an early age and moved on to guitar, to form several country and 50's bands, and has played with Desert Moon for many, many years.

Tim has played keys, guitar, bass and drums as well as offering vocal abilities and songwriting for over 22 years. Owning a Video and Audio recording studio for over 20 years has given him the experience to create jingles, broadcast commercials and infomercials, writing some notworthy jingles such as the 98 Tampa Bay Bucs fight song and even many jingles for local & national airtime for radio and television broadcast. Chances are you have heard his voice on a commercial or jingle and never knew it.
This also allowed him to spend time everyday with funky new electronic gadgets that create strange sounds and do unspeakable things. One reason you will hear many odd sounds coming from his side of the stage.


 Vocals & Guitar

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